Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Essay Writing Services Reviews

As a college student, I don’t have all the time in the world to devote myself to the studies as much as I would like to… well, as much as my professors would like to. I am very dedicated to my studies and have big plans to go to graduate school after college, but I can’t achieve all goals without the help of professional writing services.
If you are a student too, you will understand why I need writing services. If you’re not a student, let me elaborate the issue: it’s impossible to complete every single paper our professors assign with such short deadlines. There are simply too many papers, too many subjects, too much studying to do and too little time.
I believe that my experience can help many students choose the best essay writing service for their needs, so I decided to make a review of the companies that deserve your attention.
http://www.essay-on-time.com1. Essay-On-Time.com
This is one of my favorite companies when it comes to ordering papers. Why? Because it offers impeccable quality for each order. I have ordered dozens of papers from various fields of study at EssayOnTime.com and the writers never fail to deliver what I’m asking for. I’m a very picky customer when it comes to my papers, but I haven’t had the need to ask for revisions from this service.
I started using Essay-On-Time.com while I was still in high school, and this was the company I chose for my admission essay. What they managed to deliver was very impressive. The writer was literally reading my mind and presented my personality in the best possible way. I simply provided a list of achievements and goals I wanted to reach and the writer wrote a paper that was fun, detailed, personal, and simply impressive.
This is not the cheapest service on the market, which is why I use it mostly for my important papers. However, it is very affordable when it comes to admission services, whose prices can go sky high on other websites. The price of your paper will depend upon the level of quality and deadline you choose. I usually order my papers early because I want to pay a lower price, but I have no doubt that these guys are capable of delivering top-notch content within 3 hours.
The prices start at $19.99 and go up to $41.99 – they are all clearly listed on the website. I usually choose Premium Quality, but I would recommend the Standard Quality for students in high school and Platinum Quality for extremely important projects.
Bottom line, Essay-On-Time.com is a college paper writing service I keep coming back to, especially when it comes to ordering papers in social sciences. When it comes to natural sciences, I have another favorite website to order from, but I find that this company’s team of writers can complete any order you place with nothing less than excellent results.
2. BestEssays.com
This was the service I decided to use for my extremely urgent history paper. I rarely order papers with short deadlines, but I completely forgot about this one and was in total panic when my friend reminded me about it. She also recommended BestEssays.com as a service that’s extremely reliable when it comes to delivering extreme quality within short deadlines.
It is more expensive than EssayOnTime.com, especially when you order an urgent paper with Premium or Platinum quality, but I was ready to spend more money this time, so I went for Premium Quality with a deadline of 6 hours ($51.99 per page). I didn’t have time to use their bidding offer (which is quite cool if you ask me), so I was satisfied with the 15% discount for beginners and placed my first order at the website with a reasonable price.
I got a PhD writer to work on my project and got notifications about the progress of my paper. I actually contacted the writer directly to make sure he understood my guidelines, because this was a very important paper and I didn’t have time to think about revisions. The writer was very polite and we understood each other well.
I got the paper 5 hours after I placed the order, and it was already proofread by the company’s Quality Assurance Department. The quality was absolutely impressive. World War II is a broad topic and you can come up with many interesting ideas, but the writer had a very distinct point of view that singled me out with the best grade in class. My professor was no less impressed than I was.
The customer support at this website is very helpful and always available, and I would definitely use this service for urgent projects again. I am thinking about hiring the same writer for my next history paper, so thumbs up about BestEssays.com.
3. RushEssay.com
Now this is my preferred choice when it comes to projects in natural sciences. I don’t particularly like chemistry, biology and physics, which is why I always order homework, papers, and projects for those subjects (really, can anyone blame me?). I have used EssayOnTime.com for such orders, but I find that RushEssay has better writes from this niche.
The company delivers assignments and papers in any subject and under any deadline, although I haven’t tested it under pressuring deadlines of few hours (well the name of the company is Rush Essay, so I suppose it manages to justify it). Its writing team is consisted of professional writes with university degrees, who have never failed to meet my expectations. When I’m not too concerned about a particular project, I simply order Standard Level and still get satisfactory results. When the credits are really important, I place an order at Advanced Level and always get high grades.
The prices at RushEssay.com are within the average of the custom writing industry. When I see prices that start somewhere above $20 and go up to $60, I would say it’s a reasonably-priced service. I rarely trust companies with cheaper prices, and I surely won’t pay anything above this average for a paper.
At RushEssay.com, the prices start at $22.95 and go up to $52.95. I have never placed a Premium Level order, but I have only good things to say about the writers who complete orders from Standard and Advanced Level. Now, I have ordered projects from social sciences at this website, but EssayOnTime.com still remains my first choice on those subjects. However, when it comes to natural sciences, I don’t think there is a better choice than RushEssays.com.
4. BestCustomEssay.org
When I needed to order a geography paper few weeks ago, I decided to use a new service, simply because the discount offers are great when you use an essay writing service for the first time. This website offered 15% off on first orders and I read some great online reviews that recommended it, so I decided to take the risk and place an order.
What I love about BestCustomEssay.org is the prices for Standard Quality. They are lower when compared to the services I commonly use (from $19.99 to $41.99 for Standard Quality, depending on the deadline). Premium and Platinum Quality are also reasonably priced, but I decided to go for Standard with this order, since the paper wasn’t too important in terms of grade points.
I placed an order for a 3-page geography essay with a deadline of 7 days ($20.99 per page). When I applied the discount, the final price was reduced from $62.97 to $53, which is not too much, but the price is very affordable when you compare it to other custom-writing services.
I received the essay on time and was satisfied with its quality, but I felt like it could use some improvements. I contacted the customer service department and explained which parts of the paper needed more elaborating; they accepted my requirements and the writer delivered an improved version the next day. This time the paper was just what I needed. I believe that this was the best paper I got for a Standard-quality order.
I have to say I appreciate the approach of the customer service representatives and the writer of this company. They were very attentive to my questions and instructions, and didn’t give me any trouble when I asked for a free revision. All companies claim you have a right to free revisions when using their services, but not all of them will accept your requirements, claiming that they don’t comply with their Terms and Conditions. The writer from BestCustomEssay.org was more than willing to deliver exactly what I needed, so I will definitely come back to this service whenever I need an affordable paper of Standard Quality.
5. SuperiorPapers.com
The team of this company is so confident that you will come back for its services, that it offers $20 off your first order. Now that’s a discount I appreciate. My friend recommended this website as her first choice of a custom writing company, so I decided to use it to order a book review. The book in question was Tolstoy’s War and Peace, so it was a very important project that had to be unique and impressive.
I read the book and knew exactly what I wanted the paper to be focused on (Prince Bolkonsky, of course). Instead of talking about war, family and love, I was more interested in Bolkonsky’s transformation and his understandings of religion, life, and death.
The paper I got was just as impressive as the book itself, and I am not exaggerating. The writer had a Master’s degree in literature and understood exactly what I was looking for. She was always available to answer my questions and give me updates on the progress of the paper. The content was written with a distinct style that wasn’t too complicated and captured the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. I loved it, and my professor loved it too.
I will definitely go back to this website to order book reviews, and I am more than ready to try out the other services it offers. The prices are great, especially when you order for the first time and get $20 off. They start with $19.99 per page for Standard Quality (deadline of 10 days), and go up to $57.99 for Platinum Quality under a 3-hour deadline.
I ordered a Premium-level paper with a deadline of 4 days (the regular price is $24.99 per page), and got the content a whole day early. Everything was perfect and I wasn’t even thinking about asking for revisions. Bottom line, SuperiorPapers.com definitely deserves a spot among my 5 top choices of custom writing services.   
Conclusion: You can get great quality when you know where to look for it
I’ve been using custom-writing services for a long time, and the conclusion is that not every paper writing service is worth your money. Some will deliver awesome papers just in time, while others will deliver useless content that isn’t worthy of submission.
It took a lot of trial and error before I found few services I could always trust, which is why I decided to make this list and give you an upper hand because you will already know what to expect from some of the best custom writing services I have used.