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Essay Writing Services Reviews

Time is a limited resource, especially for college students who have to deal with their studies, extracurriculars, and tons of papers that need to be submitted by a close deadline. Although I was very dedicated to my college studies and intended to continue my education with an MBA program, I found the challenges overwhelming. If you have ever faced the pressure of working on multiple papers at once, you’ll understand why I commonly rely on essay writing students. People who are not students in the current educational system don’t empathize with us, so here is a brief explanation of our struggles: it’s basically impossible to submit every single project on time. There are too many courses and too many assignments to be completed in a very short time. It’s like asking Tolstoy to write War and Peace in one week. Throughout my experience with writing services, I’ve used several bad websites and a couple of outstanding ones. The following reviews will help you choose the best writing service that will handle the challenge just fine!

Every student needs a writing service that will be a long-term companion throughout his studies. For me, this is the one. Although I experiment with other websites to use their discount offers and found a couple of other services that deliver outstanding quality, this is the one I always come back to. The reasons for that is the great service I receive with no exception. I’ve ordered several papers with topics from different areas of study, and the writers at Essay-On-Time always delivered the expected results. Believe me: I’m not the type of customer who is easily satisfied with content of average quality. I always look for the best, and this is the service that never fails to deliver. My first experience with this website was in high school, when I ordered my scholarship essay. I had no idea how to write it, but the author at this website was very creative and managed to present my scarce experience through captivating paper that got the attention of the scholarship committee. All I did was submit a list of interests and goals, which the writer turned into a fun read that sounded intellectual, personal, and inspiring at the same time.
As far as prices are concerned, this is not the cheapest website you could use. That’s why it’s reserved for my most important projects. However, don’t underestimate its discount program, since it can get you a really decent price. The starting quote is $19.99 per page, and the charges progress up to $41.99, which is the quote for an essay of Platinum Quality with a deadline of only three hours. My usual choice is Premium Quality, but I would say that Standard is perfectly acceptable for simpler papers, such as high school essays and college papers that don’t need much research. As for Platinum Quality, it’s the best choice for theses and dissertations. 

In conclusion, Essay-On-Time deserves the highest rank on this top list with the exceptional quality it delivers each time I order a paper. The writers from the business niche are especially talented.

I wanted to save money, but still needed to order a history essay, so I was searching for the most affordable writing service that delivered decent content. That’s when I located – a service that functions a little differently than the usual ordering system of custom-writing companies. At this website, you can place an order and wait for the bids of freelance writers who are interested to handle your project. I received several offers within 10 minutes, so I could choose between writers with different qualifications. One of them was a college graduate with history major and offered a really affordable price, so my decision wasn’t difficult. I never thought that freelance writers were capable to deliver top-quality content, but this website proved me wrong. I guess it all depends upon the choice you make, so I advise you to check the writers’ experience and education before you make the final choice. My writer created a pretty decent essay of 3 pages within four hours. I appreciated his approach; he asked me to provide more detailed instructions and made sure I liked the paper he completed. He offered to make revisions, but I was already satisfied with the first service I got. Let’s talk about the prices, which were the main factor of attraction that got me to this website. The starting quote is $1.25 for an article, but you can expect to get slightly higher bids depending on the complexity of your order. The writers are able to set their own quotes, but there is healthy competition between them, so you can easily get a low price for great content. Make sure to read the feedback left by real users. Bottom line, this website is a decent alternative when you need to order a cheap paper with fast turnaround. You can pick your own writer and communicate with him throughout the process of completion. I totally recommend students to create accounts at the website and purchase papers from these content writers.


My money-saving strategy when ordering papers is simple: I set a longer deadline and benefit from a lower quote per page. However, I had an extremely urgent research paper for my sociology course, so had to look for a new service that gives a good discount for first-time users. is known as a company that works effectively under short deadlines. My friend had a great experience with its writers, so I took her advice and placed an order with a 12-hour deadline (that was $47.99 per page for Premium Quality). Although the prices are more expensive than the quotes featured on, I got to use a great beginner discount of 15%.

I was happy to get a PhD expert to handle my project. I contacted him several times within those 12 hours and he kindly answered my messages. He understood exactly what I needed and included the requested sources in the content. Luckily, the first version of the paper I received was just perfect. I didn’t have any time to ask for revisions, so I was thrilled with the professionalism and expertise of the writer.
I received my project right on time, and it was already proofread and formatted to perfection. Regarding the quality, it was utterly impressive. The topic was on education in conflicted African countries, which is a broad issue to explore. However, the writer conducted a focused research and narrowed down the arguments to argue a specific thesis. Both my teacher and I ended up impressed by it. I have to say something about the customer support system at this website: it’s very effective. The representatives were available all the time. I contacted an agent to ask if I could get such a long paper written by a short deadline, and she made sure to check through the writing team and ensured me it was safe to place the order.


Not all writing services deliver great lab reports. I’ve tried a couple of websites and never got impressive content from the niche of natural sciences, so decided to go for for my previous project. During my college years, I didn’t usually write my own homework and research assignments for chemistry, biology, and physics courses, but still wanted to get good grades… don’t try to blame me for that. delivers great papers of this type, but I find that the quality of is a bit higher. In addition to papers from the area of natural sciences, the company also delivers academic content in all other niches. I haven’t ordered papers under short deadlines at this website, but I’m sure that the writers are capable of handling urgent orders. The first time I used this service, I ordered a lab report of Standard Level because it wasn’t an especially important project. However, I still got impressive content, so I assume that the higher levels are even better. The prices are acceptable; they range from $22.95 to $54.95 per page for most projects. Lab reports are priced with different quotes, ranging from $22.95 to $49.95 per page.
I don’t usually trust services that offer prices cheaper than the industry’s average, so the quotes at are perfectly fine for me. The customer support system is very responsive. The agents were friendly and attended me as soon as I tried contacting them via live chat. I haven’t used the phone and email contact options, since online chat is my preferred way to get immediate answers. When it comes to book reviews and business case studies, I have to say that Essay-On-Time remains my top choice, but also delivers decent content from these niches. However, this website is always my first option for projects from natural sciences.


I used this service for the first time a few weeks ago, when I needed an urgent article critique. I don’t know how I missed this website, since it’s been present on the market for several years. Anyway, I got a discount of 15% for my first order, so didn’t hesitate much before submitting the form. I was really detailed with the instructions, since I had specific ideas how to critique the given article. We already had a discussion in class, so I knew what my professor expected to see. The project didn’t need much research, so I went for Standard Quality. The prices for this level are more affordable when compared to other websites; they range between $19.99 and $41.99 per page. The full price range goes up to $52.99 per page for the highest Platinum level combined with the deadline of 3 hours. That means that Premium and Platinum quality also come with pretty competitive prices. Anyway, my final price summed up to $43.98 (that was $21.99 per page for a 2-page critique of Standard quality with a deadline of 5 days). When I added the discount for new users, I got a decent price of $37.
Now, let’s talk about the part that interests you the most: quality. I got my article critique right on time, and it was nearly perfect. When I say “nearly perfect” I mean it was pretty decent, but lacked some personality. I asked the writer to make some improvements and he understood my remarks. He was very polite; he apologized for the misunderstanding and made the revisions within two hours. The second version was just what I needed. I was thrilled with the treatment I got by the writer and customer support at this website. Unlike most other services, really complies with the guarantees it provides.


This is a website aimed at attracting loyal customers. What this means is that its writers are focused on delivering ultimate quality for each project, and the support team functions impeccably to ensure everyone’s convenience. I got $20 off on my first order, and that’s a great discount when you compare it to the price reductions you get at other websites. was recommended to me by my roommate, who constantly orders her book reports from a single writer. When I had to complete a long review of The Great Gatsby (I’m ashamed to confess that I didn’t find enough time to read the book), I decided to take her advice and placed an order at this website. Although I hadn’t read the book, I was aware of the story and the characters’ struggles, so I had a broad idea of the paper I expected. My writer had an MA in literature, so he knew how to tackle the challenge from a unique point of view. He answered my questions and took all instructions into consideration.
I received a paper that was simply impressive. I didn’t want the writer to focus on the cliché of love and money; I wanted her to explore the psychology of the main characters. She completed a unique review with an unexpected twist. I read it few times and the content held my attention all the time. The most important thing is that my professor was impressed by it too. Now that I made that clear, let’s see what prices you’d have to pay at The starting quote is set at $19.99 per page, and the highest level of quality is offered for $57.99 per page when combined with the 3-hour deadline. I chose Premium Quality with a deadline of 3 days, and ordered a review of 4 pages. The quote was $26.99, but the total price of $107.96 was reduced for $20. I got the content 12 hours early and didn’t even consider the need for revisions.

All students were once in situation when they needed a professional assistance for finishing their academic assignments. The same thing happened to me few months ago and due to that I decided to use contact since it has been providing assistance to numerous students worldwide for more than 6 years. I decided to use this service because of their excellent discount offer that enabled me to save significant amount of money. This service has a standard order placement system, that is very easy for usage. Papers can be written on three quality levels, regarding to the type of service client requires. I decided to use standard quality because client support told me that this quality level could meet all my requirements. I really liked the additional features offered by this company. Since this article was very important for me I decided to request the service "fulfilled by top 10 writers" and I was more than satisfied with it.

I ordered an essay of standard quality related to the History of The Second World War. Since this order was urgent, I requested a paper within 48 h. I was positively surprised with the price of this service because it was $32.99 per page. I paid additional $5.99 for fulfillment by top 10 writers. Client support contacted me in less than a hour after I placed the order and they helped me to establish cooperation with my writer and to explain him everything that I need. I was very pleased to get a writer with Master Degree from History since he was very familiar with my essay subject. He managed to complete my task within 24 hours, although I requested longer deadline. He conducted a detailed research about my subject and gave his best to provide me the highest possible quality.

Unlike many other similar paper writing companies, this one offers a service of very urgent writing for students who need articles within 3 hours. According to my experience, deserves very high position in the list of the best students writing services because of their reasonable prices, short deadlines, and highly quality customers support team that was available 24/7. 

During my studies I tried several companies that provide paper writing assistance for students who need help. I have to be honest that before I used I had never been impressed with the quality of paper writing services that I had tried. After detailed analysis, I decided to test because it has many positive reviews online. In general, I am a difficult customer, but for this service I am one more person who claims that this company provides exceptional service within agreed deadlines and with more than sufficient quality.

I would like to point out that my criteria are quite high and it is relatively difficult to fulfill my expectations and to satisfy me with the service. When I contacted this company, I needed a help with a lab report and I had very urgent request with deadline of 6 hours. As soon as I placed the order, I was contacted by the assigned writer and I was surprised with her knowledge. She was a real expert for chemistry! She completed my report within few hours, and I was impressed with her knowledge and the final result I was given. There is no need to point out that my report was 100% correct without any single mistake.

I have to say that, if we take into consideration very short deadline of 6 hours, my price was not too high. I paid $66,99 one page of lab report written on premium academic level. Before I had placed the order, I checked some other competitor companies and the shortest deadline I could find for a lab report was 1 day, while the price was very similar to the price offered by This means that the service of this company is quite affordable. 

In addition, this essay writing company gives so many additional features for free, such as free formatting, free tittle page, bibliography, etc that make the final price even more affordable. 

In general, this company provides highly quality service within very short deadline for reasonable price. I was surprised that this company, unlike many other similar, employs real experts who have strong background in the assigned scientific field.
I, similarly to many other students, try to find as many ways to save money as it is possible. Due to that, when I decided to place the order for a book review few months ago, I conducted a research to find out what is the best writing service with the highest discount and the lowest prices. After careful consideration, I decided to use the service The company's motto “Pay less, get more” is completely suitable for the book review I ordered and received. When I checked the website of the company I was surprised with the fact that this paper writing company gives 18% discount for the first time users. Usually, companies give some small discount to attract new customers, but such a high discount is not normally offered by the competitors.

In addition, the prices for book reviews with deadline of 10 days were in the range from $19,99 to $24,99, depending on the required quality level. I decided to use the platinum service and receive the paper with the highest quality. Since this was the first time I used such service, I had certain difficulties while I was placing the order. I would like to point out that this company has an excellent customer’s support team that was available to answer me to all my questions and doubts. They explained me thoroughly the order placement process and they helped me to take the best from this company. After I placed the order, I was assigned an excellent writer with a Masters Degree from Literature.

I was surprised with his knowledge because he knew all characters important for the book review, and he knew the plot in details. Honestly, I did not expect such an expert when I placed my order at the beginning. Even though I asked for a ten days deadline, my paper writer completed my order within eight days. I liked his cooperativeness because he answered to all my questions and informed about the progress of his work regularly. In general, I was looking for the cheapest paper writing company in market without any expectations related to the quality. 

After I received the final paper, I was amazed with the content and information provided in my book review. I would recommend this company to all students who would like to save money and get high grades!  


Bottom line, my experience with custom-writing services tells me that you can always get great quality and cost-effective service when you know where to look for it. There are awesome companies with great reputation industry, but there are also websites that all students should avoid. My list of recommendations will give you an advantage when you want to try a new service without taking a risk. All services I recommended above are worthy of your attention.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 Ways to Increase your Writing Motivation

  1. Read material provided by a paper writing service

    Place an order with a top reputable essaywriting service and then carefully read the text. If you can see how professionals write, you will be definitely motivated to start writing great texts yourself.

  2. Make a review

    What is your favorite book or movie? Well, and what is your personalopinionon that? Now you have got plenty of material to write upon, so just start writing. By writing a review of your favorite things (books, movies, music, even favorite furniture), you will get your motivation levels up.

  3. Get the right input

    In order to get motivation for writing, you need the right input. Read a nice book, watch a good movie, or read some current world news online. Now express your opinion based on that inputyou just received. You can also order one such review style writing through a term paper writing service and this will help you come up with your own text.

  4. Get out more

    The fresh air and a nice long walk will definitely help you clean your thoughts and brain. With such a nice and fresh feeling you will now have enough motivation to start writing. The outdoors has been an inspiration even for the greatest authors!

  5. Help from a research paper writing service

    Log on to the website of an essay writing service and start browsing there for topic ideas. Checktheir free samples, and you will surely find something to write about (an essay, a term paper style writing, one chapter of a dissertation, etc.).

  6. Share your texts

    If you will share your text online, you might be surprised how many people will like what you have to say. This will greatly motivate you to write even more and share more frequently. Become a truly good writer by sharing your texts with others.

  7. Join a writing class

    Maybe you have motivation but you lack the skills. In such a case, it is advisable to join acreative writing course. You can complete the course online, and these courses are not even that expensive. Just make sure to opt for a reputable writing class.

  8. Follow a routine

    Paper writing services workers write all day long. They have the motivation to keep writing, but you don’t have it because you don’t have to write that often. Build a routine for yourself where you will post every single day a small piece of text on your blog. Or you can also write every day entries in your diary.

  9. Read specialty literature

    You can go in autodidact mode. This means you will start reading more books about writing. There are plenty of fee guides, brochures and even eBooks teaching you how to write the perfect essay, blog entry or persuasive article.

  10. Write in smaller doses

    Nobody has the motivation to write 10 pages of text in one day. You should start slow, and write smaller parts of text. Learn to build tension in your writing, introduce creative phrases and then edit thoroughly your work. One day you write 300 words, and next week you will write 600 words per hour.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

8 Ways to Improve your Writing Skills

The greatest majority of marketers don’t like writing blog posts. They would rather spend days in a row researching and learning about innovative was of marketing their products than to write. However, there is always room for improvement and getting better at writing is not impossible. Find out below thebest ways to improve your writing skills.

  1. Learn from the best through a paper writing service

    There are plenty of essay and research writing services out there. Just choose a top reputable company, and place one single order for an essay or a blog post for example. This way, you will be able to check out a really professionally written text. Read carefully the text and try to learn from thebest. See how the editing is done, how the keywords are naturally spread in the text, or how the writer uses the language to make the text truly interesting and creative. A research paper writing service can really help you improve your writing skills.

  2. Practice makes you perfect

    There is no recipe that can make you a brilliant writer overnight. The best writers out there have several years of experience behind them. They have written hundreds or even thousands of pages of content and this is why they are so good today. Therefore, start practicing and write every single day some kind of text. Write an entry in your journal, a short blog post for you site, or write a poem.

  3. Reading is the basis of good writing

    You will not be able to write gorgeous texts if you are not actively reading. In order to develop a creative language style, you need input. Now this input is given to your brain through reading. To become a better writer, just start reading news, peer reviewed journals and articles, a good novel and your favorite magazine. Remember that a term paper writing service can help you develop better writing skills. You just need to read some writing samples offered by these companies and you will understand how professionals write.

  4. Join an online creative writing class

    This is yet another good idea to help you improve your writing skills. Research online for a reputable writing class and join. There are many crash courses available where you will learn the basics of creative writing within 1 or 2 months online. Thecourses are exclusively online, and you don’t have to attend classes on campus.

  5. More help from a paper writing service

    Find a top reputable paper writing service. There, you will also come across many skilled and friendly writers, who will answer all your questions. When you place an order, you will be able to stay in constant communication with the writer assigned to your project. This means you can chat directly with the writer, so always take notes about the advice given by the writer. You will learn a great deal of essential information on how to write the perfect text.

  6. Mark important phrases

    As you read your favorite books, news or articles offline/online you will come across plenty of great sentences and phrases. Take a few sheets of paper and note down these great phrases. As you write them, they will imprint in your mind and you will learn them. Make these great phrases part of your vocabulary to become a better writer.

  7. Imitation is the key

    Pay attention, we do not talk about plagiarism. We talk about you trying to imitate the writing style of your favorite author. Write in the way that he writes, using humor, clichés, a sad tone, a happy tone or a philosophical tone. See how you can imitate your favorite author! Besides, you can also imitate the professional style of thebest writers at the college paper writing service.

  8. Spend more time on editing

    To become a better writer, you need to edit every single word in your text. Try to spot any small mistake, grammaticalerror or inconsistency in style. Edit your paper to perfection, and this way you will subconsciously improve your writing skills.

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World

College years represent the most beautiful time in your life. These three or four years of learning will help you lay the foundations for your future, but you will also have plenty of fun. Since you will spend several years in college, you would also like to live on a gorgeous campus where you can spend your time pleasurably while studyingand having fun.

There are plenty of beautiful university campuses available in the world, but only a few really stand out from the crowd. These campuses are special either because they were built upon extremely important historical sits, or because they bear the signs of trulyoutstanding architectural beauty. So here you have 5 of the most beautiful college campuses in the world.

  1. Stanford University Campus- California

    Stanford University Picture

    The University has been founded in 1885, and it is a top reputableUniversityrenowned for its business, medicine, engineering and low faculties. The campus displays a truly vibrating architecture, and it stretches across 8,000 acres of land. The campus is known as “The Farm”, because it is built upon land that used to be a private horse farm. This farm belonged to Leland Stanford, an American tycoon and industrialist.

  2. Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

    Trinity College Picture

    Trinity College in Dublin is one of the most famous research universities in the world. The college campus stretches over an area of 47 acres (190,000m2), and the greatest majority of the buildings are arranged in ‘square’ style. The campus comprises of Georgian style buildings, where symmetry and proportions are extremely important. The entire campus in an organized, symmetric collection of buildings. The university is most famous for its medical, humanities and science programs.

  3. Royal Roads University- Victoria, British Columbia

    Royal Roads University Picture

    The campus of the Royal University is a beautiful castle. There is definitely something magical about this beautiful historic place, and students enjoy greatly going day to day for classes here. The campus spreads over 260 hectares of land, with its outstanding tracking and biking routes all throughout. This particular castle has been built for the most important coal baron on Vancouver Island.

    The surrounding grounds of the University and the buildings on the campus itself are actually rented for as little as $1 per year. The land is leased from the Department of National Defense, while all the maintenance and facilities running obligations must be fulfilled by Royal Roads University.

  4. University of Otago- Dunedin, New Zeeland

    University of Otago Picture

    This is the oldest University in New Zeeland founded in 1869, renowned for its Humanities, Health Sciences and Business programs. At the time of founding, the University received 100,000 acres of pastoral land in order to build there and operate the faculties. This stunning campus site provides students with unforgettable experiences and the chance to study in a truly historic environment, in castle-like buildings surrounded by water and hillsides.

  5. Brown University- Providence Rhode Island

    Brown University Picture

    BrownUniversity is an Ivy League research academic institution located in Providence, Rhode Island. The University was founded in 1764, and it is actually the 7th oldest University in the Unites States. The University Hall building available on campus was built upon a piece of land that belonged to the co-founder of the city of Providence (Chad Brown-hence the university received its name).

    At the time of the construction, there was a notice posted in the Providence Gazette, where the University committee would ask for donations. They were asking for construction materials such as brick, timber, or paint so that they could complete the buildings in time.